Mauro Bergonzoli
International contemporary Artist born December 24th 1965 in Milan, Italy.

Painting, drawing, sculpture, design, animation, film.

Mauro Bergonzoli was born as the son of an engraver in Milan Italy on december 24th 1965. In his father´s workshop he learned at a young age how to master the craft of drawing and precision. At 14 he entered art school and soon began selling his first paintings and comics. Following a successful career in the advertising and commercial film industry, he dedicates himself completely since the year 2000, to the production of his own original artwork.

After his exhibitions received great recognition all around the globe, Bergonzoli has found his Country Atelier headquarters near Munich, Bavaria. With his modern Neo-Pop-style of painting he revisits historic subjects and presents his observers with all things beautiful.

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